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Values & Vision

Our Values and Vision

"Your support, your team, your choice."


Providing support and complex care solutions for unique situations…

As a nurse led care provider our values and vision is extremely important to us. We truly understand how intrusive having a care team can be on your life, where your home and your haven risks becoming a workplace. It is only through careful management and complete empathy that we can avoid this and ensure your space, your privacy and your trust is built and preserved.

  • We provide unparalleled support and complex care solutions, and support that truly reflect your needs and your values.
  • We ensure the staff we provide are a good match to you and your family and support them as we would support you – with integrity and empathy.
  • We want to keep the personal touch.


Our Values and Behaviours:

A diagram showing our values and vision.

Honest: We work honestly and openly with our clients and all other stakeholders to build a mutual level of trust and understanding.

Courageous: We have the courage to challenge decisions and activities when they are not aligned to our aims and priorities as an organisation. We look at existing approaches and new challenges in different ways and explore innovative solutions to drive continuous improvement.

Responsible: We are accountable for the decisions we make and responsible for implementing them. We take personal and collective responsibility for all our work and supporting the decisions of HASCS.

Collaborative: We work collaboratively with our clients and stakeholders involving them in the decision-making process particularly when the decision impacts on them. We work with colleagues from all sectors to make a real difference to the services we provide.

Responsive: We Proactively adapt and responding to all challenges, both large and small, national, and local, to find a resolution. We respond positively to new and different ideas when they are presented demonstrating a “can do” attitude.

Caring: We put ourselves in our clients’ and stakeholders’ shoes to understand their point of view. We listen to the people we serve to take account of their views in the decisions we make.


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