Employee Assistance Programme

What is an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)?

An EAP is a confidential employee benefit designed to help you deal with personal and professional problems that could be affecting your home or work life, health and general wellbeing. Our EAP service is provided by Health Assured, the UK and Ireland’s largest EAP provider. They aim to empower individuals to focus on their mental health and contributes to a healthy and positive work environment and provide a complete support network that offers expert advice and compassionate guidance 24/7, covering a wide range of issues.

Benefits of our EAP:

  • Counselling: professional support for personal and work-related issues.
  • Financial advice: guidance on managing finances.
  • Legal advice: assistance with legal matters.
  • 24/7 support: available through the Wisdom app on your smartphone or laptop meaning it is accessible anytime.

When should I contact the EAP Helpline?

When the time feels right, you may feel the need to reach out for emotional or practical support. Health Assured know how difficult it can be to take those first steps. Their qualified and experienced counsellors are ready to listen and provide guidance. You may be looking for some practical advice. Health Assured have qualified legal advisors who will assist with any legal matters. The EAP is available 24/7, 365, so help is always available, at a time which suits you.

How can the EAP help me?

Health Assured provide emotional support and practical guidance. The counsellors on the helpline will triage, and provide early interventions. You can take advantage of structured counselling, or use the helpline to work through your current situation. If you have any practical concerns, legal advisors can help.

They’ll provide advice and guidance on issues such as:

  • Writing a will
  • Divorce procedures
  • Probate costs
  • Property and partnership rights
  • Tenancy and housing concerns
  • Boundary disputes
  • Motoring issues
  • Immigration information

Our dedicated Welfare Team are on hand should you need any help logging in or accessing our EAP. Contact us.

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