Meet the Team: Lisa, Nurse Manager

Lisa has been working in care for over 30 years. Originally in community care, then as an NHS nurse, after a health scare Lisa knew that it was time for a change. Since joining HASCS, her passion for nursing has returned. Keep reading for her story.

“I started my career in care in 1991, where I worked in a variety of nursing, residential and mental health homes. This valuable experience gave me the confidence to join the NHS, which I did in 2004 as a health care support worker at Salisbury Hospital. I started on a medical ward then progressed to work in the Emergency Department. Whilst in the ED I worked with some amazing people who helped me develop my skills and knowledge, and in time, encouraged me to undertake my nurse training, something I never thought I could do. I commenced my training in 2008 and qualified from Bournemouth university in 2011.

Once qualified, I began my new role as a staff nurse on a 30-bed elderly rehab ward, however, I was not there long when I became a temporary ward sister on a medical escalation ward. This was a role I took great pride in, and to my joy the ward was then turned into a permanent medical ward, and I was then made into a permanent ward sister, and on occasion stepped up into the role of ward manager. Although I enjoyed my time in Salisbury hospital in 2016, I decided to move onto a new challenge.

I moved to a small community hospital which specialised in elderly complex rehabilitation. I remained as a ward sister and again had to undertake roles of a ward manager several times. I moved on to a second community hospital within the trust to assist the ward manager there. I enjoyed being able to spend more time with the patients delivering care, working with a wonderful team.

Sadly, in March 2023 I developed pneumonia, it was so severe I was hospitalised in an intensive care unit, I was on life support for 5 days. Following this illness, I looked at my life very differently, as terrible as this experience was, I decided I wanted a new challenge.

My husband David had already started working for HASCS, it had transformed him, it was clear how happy how was working for the company after his 25 years in the NHS. I had the pleasure of meeting Riza, a totally unforgettable and inspiring experience, I made the huge decision to leave the NHS and apply to work in complex care.

I have a wealth of clinical and managerial skills and experience, and I have a lot of empathy for people who have had life changing illnesses. I joined HASCS because I want to make a difference to people’s lives in their homes without the unrealistic expectations and pressures of the NHS. Instantly, I found my passion for nursing returned, giving all my undivided care and attention to the service user and their family has felt so rewarding.

I also have had the greatest of pleasures working alongside fantastic team of carers many who had recently arrived in the UK, I loved being able to share my experience to help them settle into their new roles within this care package. I was able to learn from them too about their culture, skills, and knowledge. I honestly wonder why I hadn’t joined HASCS sooner.

I am now working in my second care package, with equal satisfaction, I hope that in time I can progress in this amazing company into a managerial role, to use my wealth of experience further transforming the lives of our clients. Our work defines who we are! And since working in HASCS I have much greater job satisfaction, which has reminded me why I became a nurse.

If you are considering joining the HASCS team, I would say don’t delay, just do it! You will not regret it, you would be working with the most amazing company, which is led by an inspirational nurse, they are passionate about client’s care, they will support, develop, and respect you. Working within a care package gives you joy, and you look forward to every day.

Fun facts about me:

I’ve been married for 34 years, have two children who are now 30 and 28. We have 3 springer spaniels Max, Ron and Lando, who we love to walk (although I think they walk us most of the time). We enjoy going away in our little caravan, Cornwall is our favourite place, the dogs always come with us, and they like to spread sand everywhere.”