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Fair Processing Notice 

What is a Fair Processing Notice?

A privacy notice is an oral or written statement that individuals are given when information is collected about them.

The notice should tell people who we are, what we are going to do with their information and who it will be shared with.

It should help individuals to understand how we will use their information and what the consequences of this are for them. It is also good practice to tell people how they can access the information we hold about them, as this may help them spot inaccuracies or omissions in their records. If this is done properly, it can make our organisation more transparent and should reassure people that they can trust us with their personal information.

Who is HASCS?

Health & Social Care Services Ltd (HASCS) is a complex health care company, providing healthcare via either nurses, health care assistants or support workers to service users in their own homes.  We do not operate as an agency, and we directly employ people to fulfil those roles.

Why we collect information about you:

Service Users
Personal information is collected about you to ensure the safe delivery of care and to ensure we discharge our duties to the funding provider working with you, whether that be the NHS clinical commissioning group or a case management company.


The government requires every employer to discharge its duties in relation to the right to work identify checks and also to ensure that every employee pays the required tax and national insurance.

We also collect information about you to ensure that we are aware of your personal circumstances to ensure that we are a responsive and caring employer.

Who do we Share Your Data With?

• For service users, we are required to share your data with the NHS clinical commissioning groups, or if you are supported by a case management company, then that company as the funding provider

• For employees, we are required to share certain data with HMRC to ensure that the correct tax and national insurance payments are taken.  We are also required to shared limited data with NEST (Pension provider) since the introduction of employer responsibilities in respect of auto-enrolment into a pension scheme.

Further Information

If you would like to know more about how HASCS uses your information, please contact our data protection officer on 023 8017 7946.

You can also view the full General Data Protection Regulations 2018 by accessing the internet or alternatively visit the Information Commissioners website: