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Where is your retrospective CHC Claim up to?

If you’re frustrated by delays, read on . . .

“To draw a line under its pipeline of retrospective review cases and manage the scale of the issue, the Department of Health introduced an arbitrary deadline to register any retrospective claim for wrongly paid care fees (paid between 01/04/2004 – 31/03/2011) by 30th September 2012. This was shortly followed by a second deadline of 31st March 2013 to register any retrospective claim for funding between 01/04/2011 to 31/03/12. If you missed the deadline, you can now only retrospectively claim for care fees going back to 1st April 2012.”

Read this article from the Care to be Different website:

Where is your retrospective CHC claim up to? If you’re frustrated by delays, read on…



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